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Bendemeer Market Food Centre: 20 Food Stalls you must try

Where is Bendemeer Market Food Centre?

Bendemeer Market Food Centre is located at 29 Bendemeer Road, Singapore. To reach there, you can take bus number 23, 64, 65, 66, 125, 130, 139, 147, 857, or 985. Alternatively, you can board the MRT and alight at Boon Keng Station (NE9) and walk for about 10 minutes.

TDLR: About Bendemeer Market Food Centre

Bendemeer Market Food Centre, located in Singapore, has been serving delightful street food since it opened its doors in 1985. This bustling food center is home to numerous famous stalls that will tantalize your taste buds. Must-try dishes include the tender and flavorful Hainanese chicken rice from Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, and the aromatic mee siam from Divine Vegetarian Food. Conveniently situated near the vibrant Jalan Besar neighborhood, visitors can explore nearby attractions such as City Square Mall and the colorful Little India enclave.

Bendemeer Market Food Centre food

1. Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice: Savory and tender braised duck served with rice and flavorful gravy.
2. Mama’s Laksa: Rich and aromatic noodle soup with the perfect balance of spices and ingredients.
3. Uncle Tan’s Fried Hokkien Mee: Deliciously charred noodles tossed with prawns, squid, and pork.
4. Auntie May’s Rojak: A delightful mix of fruits, vegetables, and fritters, topped with a tangy sauce.
5. Kiat’s Char Kway Teow: Wok-fried flat rice noodles infused with smoky flavors and succulent seafood.
6. Xin Quan Fang Minced Meat Noodles: Tasty thin noodles served with minced meat, mushrooms, and luscious broth.
7. Serene’s BBQ Chicken Wings: Juicy and succulent chicken wings grilled to smoky perfection.
8. Uncle Lim’s Nasi Lemak: Fragrant coconut rice served with a variety of mouthwatering side dishes.
9. D’Corner Porridge Stall: Smooth and comforting porridge with an array of delectable toppings.
10. Sunny’s Ice Kachang: A colorful shaved ice dessert topped with sweet syrups and various toppings.

In Bendemeer Market Food Centre, there is a wide variety of stalls catering to different cravings. From lip-smacking braised duck rice at Ah Seng to the aromatic laksa from Mama’s, this bustling food center offers a culinary haven for food enthusiasts. Let your taste buds tingle with the charred goodness of Uncle Tan’s fried Hokkien mee, or indulge in the tantalizing mix of fruits, vegetables, and fritters at Auntie May’s rojak stall. Kiat’s serves up delectable char kway teow, while Xin Quan Fang offers delicious minced meat noodles. For some BBQ goodness, head to Serene’s for their perfectly grilled chicken wings. Craving nasi lemak? Uncle Lim’s got you covered with fragrant coconut rice and irresistible side dishes. If a warm and comforting meal is what you seek, D’Corner Porridge Stall serves up smooth porridge with various toppings. Finally, cool down with Sunny’s colorful ice kachang dessert. Bendemeer Market Food Centre truly has something for everyone, satisfying every food desire in the most satisfying way possible. and what they are famous for)

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