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ayam Meaning

Ayam refers to a popular dish in Singapore consisting of seasoned and grilled or fried chicken. It is enjoyed for its flavorful taste and is often served with rice, noodles, or as a filling in sandwiches. In Chinese, ayam is translated as “烤鸡” (kǎo jī).

ayam in a Sentence 

1. Eh, let’s go makan ayam penyet at the hawker center! (pronounced: a-yam)
2. I’m craving for ayam rendang, can you cook it for dinner? (pronounced: a-yam)
3. Ayam masak merah is the best dish at this Malay wedding! (pronounced: a-yam)
4. Mee Siam with ayam goreng is my go-to breakfast on Sundays. (pronounced: a-yam)
5. Aiyah, forgot to buy ayam brand chili sauce for the nasi lemak! (pronounced: a-yam)

ayam Origin in Singlish

Dis Ayam, he come from kampung leh. One day, he kena kidnapped by ah beng. But, dis Ayam, very smart sia, he fight back and kaboom! He escape. Now, he living happily in pasar malam, with many aunties queuing up just to eat him. So suay, but so shiok!

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