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aiyoyo ai yoh yoh

aiyoyo ai yoh yoh Meaning

Aiyoyo ai yoh yoh is an exclamation commonly used in Singapore, expressing surprise, frustration, or disbelief. It is often used in response to an unexpected or challenging situation. In Chinese, aiyoyo ai yoh yoh can be translated as 哎哟哎哟 (āi yō āi yō).

aiyoyo ai yoh yoh in a Sentence 

1. Ai yoh, my phone battery died again! Aiyoyo, how to entertain myself now?
2. Aiyoyo, this durian very smelly lah. Ai yoh, better not eat too much!
3. Eh, look at that guy’s outfit—aiyoyo, so outdated. Ai yoh, cannot make it!
4. Wah, the weather so hot today. Ai yoh, I really need an ice-cold drink now!
5. Auntie, can ai yoh help me carry this heavy bag? Aiyoyo, so kind of you! Pronounced as i-yo-yo, emphasized ai and yo.

aiyoyo ai yoh yoh Origin in Singlish

Aiyoyo ai yoh yoh, wah lau eh, got many theories on its origin leh. Some say it’s from our Hokkien aunties, others say it’s from our Malay friends. Don’t know lah, but we all can agree it’s a classic Singlish expression that show our frustration, sia.

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