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aiyo aiya

aiyo aiya Meaning

Aiyo and Aiya are commonly used exclamation words in Singapore, expressing surprise, frustration, or sympathy. Aiyo is often mild and sympathetic, while Aiya reflects slight annoyance or disappointment. In Chinese, Aiyo is translated as 哎呦 and Aiya as 哎呀.

aiyo aiya in a Sentence 

1. Aiyo aiya! I spilled my kopi on my new shirt lah!
2. Aiyo aiya, why you never tell me earlier? I already spent money on another set of durians!
3. Aiyo aiya, I forgot to bring my wallet out again. Can you pay first?
4. Aiyo aiya, I sprained my ankle while playing football. Now I cannot play for the next few weeks.
5. Aiyo aiya, the MRT broke down again and made me late for work.

Pronunciation: ai-yoh ai-yah

aiyo aiya Origin in Singlish

Aiyo aiya, this aiyo aiya is an old-school Singlish expression lah! It comes from our Malaysian and Chinese friends, combining their dialects. When surprise or frustration strikes, we say aiyo and if we feel sian or kanchiong, aiya comes out! It’s a unique local way to express emotions sia!