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ah pu neh neh Meaning

Ah pu neh neh is a colloquial term commonly used in Singapore to refer to the male genitalia. It is a slang term that is generally considered vulgar. In Chinese, ah pu neh neh can be translated as 阿部弄弄 (ā bù nòng nòng).

ah pu neh neh in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you see that ah pu neh neh ah? She always wear so many jewellery, like Christmas tree sia!
2. Eh, the ah pu neh neh auntie scolded me for taking her taxi, so rude lah.
3. Wah, that ah pu neh neh guy always park his car in front of my house, not considerate at all.
4. The ah pu neh neh ah boy always brag about his expensive designer clothes, so irritating.
5. Eh, why you hang out with that group of ah pu neh neh girls? They so materialistic, cannot stand them.

Ah pu neh neh: \ə\ \puh\ \nuh\ \nuh\ (pronunciation: urr-puh-nuh-nuh)

ah pu neh neh Origin in Singlish

Dis ah pu neh neh, you know, originate from India sia. They come here long long time ago and add their spice to our culture, become one of us. Now they eat roti prata with curry, they sing Bollywood songs, and they even lah also! So shiok ah!

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