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ah neh Meaning

Ah Neh is a derogatory term used in Singapore to refer to Indian migrant workers. It is an offensive slang that originated from Tamil language. Ah Neh in Chinese is 阿呐 (ā nè), but it is important to note that the term is derogatory and should not be used.

ah neh in a Sentence 

1. Ah Neh, you want to go eat prata or not? (Ah-neh) – A friend asking another friend of Indian descent if they would like to go and eat prata, a popular Indian dish, using the Singlish term Ah Neh to refer to their Indian friend.

2. Hey, Ah Neh, help me tie my shoelaces lah! (Ah-neh) – Asking for assistance from an Indian friend, using the term Ah Neh casually and affectionately.

3. Wah, Ah Neh, your saree is so beautiful! (Ah-neh) – Complimenting an Indian friend on their traditional garment, a saree, using the Singlish term Ah Neh.

4. Eh, Ah Neh, come here! I need your help with this maths problem. (Ah-neh) – Seeking help from an Indian classmate, using Ah Neh as a friendly and familiar term to address them.

5. Ah Neh, you know where can find good roti prata in Little India or not? (Ah-neh) – Asking an Indian acquaintance for recommendations on where to find good roti prata, using Ah Neh as a casual term to address them.

ah neh Origin in Singlish

How this ah neh origin from? He come from India lah. Many ah neh come work in Singapore, very hardworking and humble, you know? They bring delicious Indian food, like roti prata, curry, and thosai. Ah neh become part of Singapore’s culture, always welcome here.

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