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ah beng

ah beng Meaning

Ah Beng, a colloquial term used in Singapore, refers to a stereotypical male associated with flashy clothing, loud behavior, and limited education. Ah Beng is a Mandarin translation of brother Beng (阿炳), implying a close friendship.

ah beng in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you see that guy with the flashy gold chains and spiked hair? Total ah beng sia! (pronounced as ah beng see-ah)
2. Ah Beng always come and disturb us during recess, showing off his new motorbike la. (pronounced as ah beng motorbike la)
3. Don’t act like an ah beng, lah! Just because you wear oversized sunglasses doesn’t make you cool. (pronounced as ah beng lah)
4. Ah Beng’s car is so heavily modified, it’s like a moving disco club. (pronounced as ah beng disco club)
5. Cannot believe Ah Beng wear slippers to his own wedding, so boorish! (pronounced as ah beng boorish)

ah beng Origin in Singlish

Ah Beng, si bei famous one leh! This bro got his roots from our sunny island, Singapore lah. Orh hor, he rocking the macho style, with tattoos, spikey hair, and bling-bling. Always making noise, impressing the ladies. Confirm popular bro, sia.