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agar agar

agar agar Meaning

Agar agar in Singapore is a popular dessert made from a gelatinous substance extracted from seaweed. It is commonly enjoyed in various flavors and shapes. In Chinese, agar agar is translated as 燕菜 (yàn cài), which literally means swallow’s nest vegetable.

agar agar in a Sentence 

1. Wah, your jelly so solid, must be use agar agar lah! (ah-gah ah-gah)
2. Auntie make agar agar for dessert, very cooling in this hot weather. (ah-gah ah-gah)
3. Eh bro, want to try my homemade agar agar bubble tea? (ah-gah ah-gah)
4. Chey, forgot to put agar agar in the cake, now it not firm enough. (ah-gah ah-gah)
5. Auntie say use agar agar powder for custard, then won’t curdle. (ah-gah ah-gah)

agar agar Origin in Singlish

Agar agar starts from a simple misunderstanding lah. Ah Beng wanted agar but the uncle heard the wrong thing, so chop chop, say agar agar lah. Now we use it to mean estimate or guess. Everything also agar agar one, no need concrete proof. Just like our Singlish, can mix and match!