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Agak is a word in Singlish

agak Meaning

Agak is a Malay word commonly used in Singapore to express an estimation or approximation. It refers to a rough estimate or guess based on one’s observation or intuition. In Chinese, agak can be translated as 估计 (gūjì).

agak in a Sentence 

1. I agak the price of this shirt to be around $20. (pronounced: ah-gahk)
2. Agak la, I think we can reach the hawker centre in about 10 minutes. (pronounced: ah-gahk)
3. Agak the portion size if you think it’s not enough for sharing. (pronounced: ah-gahk)
4. Eh, you agak how long more to wait? (pronounced: ah-gahk)
5. Agak the weight of the durian to estimate the price. (pronounced: ah-gahk)

agak Origin in Singlish

This agak thingy, it all started from our very own kiasu culture lah. Singaporeans always want to be first, so we got this agak attitude. We like to estimate, make guesses and think we know everything, but sometimes, we paiseh also. Can be quite funny, hor?

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